Category: ordinances

Merrigan’s salvage operation

At the last public hearing regarding 64 South Elm Street, issues were mentioned involving a dumpster that had been on the property long-term and an associated salvage operation. Because Merrigan denied everything, here I will go into greater detail. The house had been cleared out, power was disconnected, and it was marked for demolition back […]

Snow removal

Windsor Locks, like many backward-thinking towns and cities, places the burden of sidewalk snow removal on the fraction of residents who were unlucky enough to have a sidewalk built in their front yard. This is bad for the elderly and disabled, and it causes problems for working people. It also results in an unwalkable town. […]

Blight Ordinance

Last year, Windsor Locks passed a new blight ordinance. I guess the old ordinance may have had some problems, but it sounds like the real problem was that it provided homeowners with too much due process so it wasn’t possible to have an angry neighbor’s will imposed without the hassle of going through the courts. […]